Mini-teachmeet 3: IT and Social Media

...but is it on the test?

The 3rd of our in-house mini-teachmeet series focused on IT & Social Media. Ably hosted by Head of Biology, Phil Heath (, 5 speakers presented their cutting edge ideas:

1. Jon Neil on Scoop-It and Popplet

Jon’s facebook group remains an integral part of his A Level teaching but he talked about two new apps / websites that he has been encouraging students to use this year. The first is popplet , a multimedia mindmap tool:

Capture 2

To see Danny Whitaker’s full popplet in all its glory click here.

The second is Scoop-it – a brilliant way of archiving articles by subject – students have been given a topic each to research and ‘scoop’. Here is the result of Tom Coyne’s research:


2. Naomi McGough on ipads, visualisers and Bluetooth sensors in Physics

Naomi gave an insight into what Physics are doing with a combination of Visualiser, iPad and Bluetooth Sensors…

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