Great Lessons 4: Differentiation

Here is our first Blog of the Week – on a topic that we have been talking about a lot this year: Differentiation. Enjoy!


One Size Does Not Fit All One Size Does Not Fit All

The aim of this series of posts is to focus on the habits of excellent practice; our default mode.  As I have said elsewhere, every class is a mixed ability class so, regardless of our views on selection or setting, all teachers need to cater for students with a range of skills, aptitudes and dispositions.  One student’s Deep End is another’s Shallow End and there is an important difference between a healthy period of struggling and drowning; our goal has got to be that all students make excellent progress, regardless of their starting point, without making things too safe, or beyond reach. Of course, the wider the ability range in a class, the more difficult  and critical it is.  It’s an enormous challenge, but in Great Lessons, there is no question that this is happening.

In practice, there are a number of modes of…

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