Mini-teachmeet 2 – Self Differentiation

The 2nd mini-teachmeet was a follow-up session on Differentiation -Practical ideas for the classroom . Colleagues were encouraged to bring ideas that they had tried since the first teachmeet.

Before breaking into small groups to share our resources and ideas, we heard from two speakers: Caroline Pridmore (Maths Dept) and James Miller (Junior School).

Caroline talked us through a group work strategy that she has used in her Maths lessons. The lesson involved a ‘Question Loop’ activity that was colour coded by difficulty. There was an element of student self-differentiation, which led us nicely to James Miller’s talk on embedding ‘Self Differentiation’ into Junior School teaching.

self diff

Staff in the Junior School are encouraging students to take responsibility for their own learning by self-monitoring their own Differentiation by Task. There is an open invitation to the Junior School for Senior School colleagues to see how it works in practice.

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