Mini-Teachmeet 4: Assessment, Marking and Feedback

The fourth of our informal ‘mini-teachmeets’ took place on a Monday evening in June. Despite clashing with a World Cup fixture, the session attracted a crowd of 18 staff and 6 speakers.

The theme was Assessment, Marking and Feedback.

First up was John Smith on Assessment for Students. Click through the powerpoint below:

Next to speak was Phil Heath on the topic of Excel Markbooks. Phil gave a brief overview of what Excel is capable of as a markbook. It was suggested that a longer session would be appreciated by many staff, to go in to some areas in more detail. A date for this session is to be confirmed. Areas covered were:

– Conditional formatting
– Sorting
– Averages
– Notes
– Transferring data
– Easy correlation coefficients.
– Using the markbook to forecast performance/assess progress and value added. (This is quite handy and not as complicated as it sounds)
– Parents evening sheet generation,
– Baseline data (and where to find it!)
– Continuity (1o to 11, 12 to 13) and shared markbooks (helpfully, about to be trialed by Biology)

Karen Sykes and Mark Bailie started with a marking task to give staff an insight into marking in MFL.

Y10 Spanish sample


Here is Karen’s feedback loop:

feedback loop


and the full document from MfL:

Chris Golding’s presentation covered the power of student feedback surveys and how it has changed him as a Form Supervisor. You can get a taste of his talk by clicking through the powerpoint below:

Time was running out as Naomi McGough took the floor to present the results of a student survey on feedback. There were some fascinating results – in fact, it seemed appropriate that Naomi’s talk be given its own blog post. Please click here to learn more.


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