Top 10 tips for a successful school trip – from the students.

Ask any former student for their best memories of school and it won’t be long before a school trip is mentioned. Even as teachers, our best memories are often those that occurred outside the normal school day. Indeed, many of us will go on more trips with students than with our own partners. What makes a trip memorable? Here are ten tips from our students:

1. Teachers who can let their personality come out. Students see this as an absolute make or break for a trip.

2…but a few strict teachers are useful. No-one likes to see the bad apples given the opportunity to ruin the trip.

3. Trips are a chance to mix outside friendship groups. Build in activities that allow for this.

4. Plan for plenty of culture and landmarks, things you will remember. A sport tour that is all sport will be draining for everyone.


5. Make it relevant to course or sport… a pre season sport tour can make a big difference to the season.

6. The journey is important- a bus, train, plane journey can be the best bit. Don’t rush.

7. Allow free time. Exploring a city as sixth formers can be the best bit.

8. Go with spontaneous opportunities. The itinerary can be flexible.

9. Make sure the tour guide (if used) knows the age of the kids and that the tour / workshop / match is pitched appropriately.

10. Don’t treat students like they are in a classroom. They will respond to a slightly more relaxed relationship on tour.
KEJ, SET, JAS and Y12 Politics students.


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