Apps of the week

Some useful apps for teaching

Here are three useful apps:


Plickers are cards that can be scanned using a phone or ipad that indicate a student’s response to a question. It’s basic Q and A stuff really, allowing an instant gauge of responses from a class.  The cards can be personalised to the students so the teacher knows who has responded in which way, so the cards can easily be kept in an exercise book and used repeatedly.  Easy to set up and easy to use.


Ping Pong

This is a bit more sophisticated than Plickers. You need the app, as a teacher, but students can login to the website to respond.  It allows you to set simple questions that require multiple choice answers, drawings, more detailed text responses or you can do polls.  Results can be kept too.  Very useful for getting all students involved.


Go Soap Box

This one is good for gauging comprehension. Students can indicate on their devices whether or not they are understanding and can indicate this to the teacher by simply pressing a button.  It can also be used to set questions, collate answers and assess understanding.



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